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Wedding Photography! A new day, a breath of fresh air, a clean sheet! Everything is new, unexpected, unrecognizable. An inspiration! This is the wedding for us. Our work has lead us to travel, learn about new culture, with elegance, the true essence of love. Elegance is found in a smile, in a small gesture, in the sparkle of a look o in a kiss. We never get tired to telling these moments, day by day and reliving them over time. 


Being a wife and a mother, I am highly dedicated to my family and my clients are an extension of that family as well. I was a bride as well once and i understand how emotional and overwhelming weddings can be, especially for the bride. I have some great moments that i shared with several couples who needed a friend in that crucial hour and i am especially proud of all the behind-the-scenes help i’ve provided all my clients. My work often extends beyond that of a photographer as i become a swiss army knife of human support for the day. Be it providing emotional support, becoming a hair and makeup artist or entertaining kids, I have done it all and my clients keep remembering me for it. For me, it is just a chance to let someone have the best possible wedding day and when they look back at it after 10-15 years, they remember me as a close friend.

For us, a photograph tells a story and captures an emotion or a moment in time that you will look back on in generations to come!


Being a wedding and event photographer is a massive joy and privilege for me! To be able to capture and freeze that one moment in time is priceless, maybe from a wedding or an event. As with most photographers I started out learning the art of photography and how to sculpt light using on and off-camera flash. I’ve always had a passion for photography and being able learn along the way has allowed me to capture and freeze moments in time forever!

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